Early 1990's Cognoscenti $4500

This is an early 1990's Cognoscenti with the 3rd generation ring design. Only about 25 cues were made with this wood stitched ring design. The cue is ebony with 5 bacote points in both the forearm and butt-sleeve with a silver oval and diamond betweeen each point. This is one of the first 5 point cues made and all five orange stitches in each ring line up with the end point of the points inlaid in the cue. This cue comes with two (2) shafts and joint protectors and weighs 18.8 ounces. The cue is wrapped with a leather wrap which has been added by someone other than Joe Gold of Cognoscenti cues.

This cue was the one Joe Gold made for Larry Schwartz. Larry played with this cue for many years until the early 2000's.

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