Danny Janes Custom Cue $15000

This cue was custom made by Dan Janes, owner of Joss Cues Ltd. He began his career with Bill Stroud when they began Joss cues. When he and Bill split, Dan started the company Joss Cues Ltd. Bill started Josswest. Although Dan is the owner of Joss Cues Ltd., a production cue company, he does make a few custom cues each year. This is one of them. The cue has an ivory sleeved handle in four sections. There are 4 antique ivory diamonds inlaid in the ebony forearm. There are ivory and pink ivory designs surrounding each of the four diamonds in the forearm. The butt-sleeve is filled with 8 separate designs formed out of ivory and pink ivory lines. Each of the four ivory sections making up the handle have ebony scrolled lines running through them. The cue has and ivory collar, ivory butt-cap, 2 shafts, a 5/16 X 14 pin and weighs 20.4 and 20.6 ounces. This cue was delivered to Keith Walton in August 2005.

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