Mike Bender Custom Cue $6000

This is an ebony cue with 5 traditional ivory points in the forearm and 5 traditional points in the butt-sleeve. The cue has an ivory collar, ivory butt-cap and a fancy leather wrap. The ring design is a thick ivory band with a fancy 14kt gold rosary ring design inside. The rings appear at the collar, above and below the wrap, on the butt-cap and on each of the 2 shafts that come with this cue. This cue was originally an ivory sleeved handle cue with a scrimshawed lady on the handle. It originally weighed 23 ounces. Mike Bender went to core the cue to bring the weight down and cracked the ivory handle. The fix was to replace the ivory sleeve with the fancy leather wrap. This is the cue as it is today. This cue has ivory ferrules, fancy joint caps with the fancy ring design in them and now weighs 18.8 ounces.

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